Google Penalty Recovery

A Google penalty is the adverse influence on the search engine ranking of a website based on the latest search engine algorithm updates or manual inspections. The penalty can be a consequence of a search engine algorithm update or intended customization for numerous black-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Now lets come to Google penalty recovery, it is the procedure that is taken into account to overcome the cause of this penalty. Sometimes the penalty is on a specific keyword and sometimes it is on the entire website, so the Search Engine Optimizers have to take suitable actions after analyzing the causes of the penalty and other necessary factors that should be considered.

Unluckily, in the case of a Google penalty, several webmasters get hurt & start "fastening" concerns that are not really broken, usually turnings matters serious. For creating a recovery strategy, it is essential first to analyze the cause of the Google penalty.

The fundamental action is to identify whether the user traffic decreased as a consequence of an algorithm update or manual penalty.


These types of penalties occur when spam algorithm of Google is flagged by some of your actions on the website, & Google determines to put it into the category of site ranking suffering from the manual penalty. A notification within your Webmaster account generally attends these penalties; this makes manual penalties easy to detect.


These penalties happen as Google consistently launch algorithm updates. A minute modification or group of modifications in the algorithm of Google can result in dropping the traffic of your website. Algorithm Update associated penalties are generally tough to identify because they show any notification or message neither on the website nor in Webmaster when the site gets suffered from this type of penalty.


No matter it’s an algorithm update or manual penalty that has hurt your search engine rankings, the root of these penalties are likely Panda or Penguin.

  • • The Panda targets bad quality or unoriginal content that makes the users suffer from a miserable experience.
  • • The Penguin points the over-optimized anchor text and poor backlink profiles of the concerned website.

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